We’ve move to Rudee Inlet for the Rockfish Season!

The Triple 000′s is current at Fisherman’s Wharf Marina in Virginia Beach, VA for the rest of the Rockfish season! We have a larger fish box to accommodate the jumbo size fish we have been seeing in the Bay and Ocean. Check out our updated rates for the season and come fishing with us!

A few new photos have been added check them out in the photo-gallery.

Featured fish


(AKA: Striped Bass, Linesiders, Rockfish, Pimpfish). Stripers are found in abundance up and down the East Coast particularly in the Chesapeake Bay. They are a streamlined fish known for their silver coloring and getting their name from the dark stripes they have running from gills to tail. While they spend most of their lives in saltwater, Stripers migrate up river to freshwater to spawn in the spring. As temperatures start to cool, they head back out to sea thus making Oct- Dec premier months for Striper fishing in the Chesapeake!

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